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Swimming pools, while enjoyable, require care. Both above ground and in ground swimming pools require the same basic attention. Be sure you are familiar with the equipment necessary to operate and clean your pool. We will be able to supply you with the required equipment and chemicals. These items will be needed to perform the following basic pool maintenance.

You will need a test kit to monitor and maintain the levels of chemicals, like chlorine or bromine, in your pool.

This task should be accomplished regularly.

Emptying the leaf basket and filter regularly is vital.

Your pool’s leaf basket helps keep dirt and debris out of your pool water. Too much dirt and debris can interfere with the filtration system.

Though basically just a net on a long pole, a skimmer is an important pool accessory.

The net should be dragged through the water daily to remove larger debris.

Brushing the sides and bottom of your pool will loosen dirt and algae build up. The loose dirt and algae can then be removed from the pool via the filtration system or a vacuum.

Pool vacuums remove dirt and debris from the water and come in a variety of styles.

Basic pool vacuums often attach to the skimmer, but automatic vacuums are available.

The filtration system will need a lot of attention during the lifetime of your above ground or in ground pool. The sand, or other filter material, will need to be changed from time to time, and the entire filtration system will need to be periodically cleaned and backwashed. The included manual will supply you with the specific requirements of your filtration system. A specialist may be needed for electrical repairs.
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